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Trump Hypocrisy: Promotes Paid Maternity Leave, but Doesn’t Provide It to Employees

At a recent press conference in Pennsylvania, Ivanka Trump took the stage before her father to talk about his commitment to improving the lives of working families.  She stressed how important paid leave is to working mothers.  She said, “As a society, we need to create policies that champion all parents, enabling the American family to thrive. My dad agrees and he’s in a very unique position to do something about this problem and numerous other problems facing parents and caregivers across our country.”

Decades prior to running for President, Donald Trump was in a unique position to create policies to help American families. He chose not to provide paid maternity leave to his own employees according to information obtained by the Huffington Post. He offered the bare minimum of unpaid leave required to comply with the FMLA.

Employees at the Trump SoHo, New York and Miami hotels, as well as the Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, all said that they do not offer workers paid maternity leave. Instead, they said that the company complied with the Family and Medical Leave Act, a federal law that requires companies to give employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for the adoption or birth of a child. An undated employee handbook for the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas states that workers are entitled to unpaid family leave.

Trump recently claimed his employees are offered 8 weeks of paid leave, but when CNN pressed for more details, including the start date of the paid leave policy, the Trump campaign declined to respond.

Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Trump says she understands how hard it is for working mothers to make ends meet. Like her father, she is also in a position to help working mothers by providing paid leave and jobs in America, but instead she chooses to outsource the production of her clothing line to G-III, a company headquartered in New York City that does not offer employees paid family leave. Not only that, but instead of hiring Americans, virtually all G-III products are manufactured by independent contractors in Asia and India.

A spokeswoman for Ivanka Trump said, “She can only be responsible for her own business and try to set an example for others and she can’t control the policies of another company.”

Ivanka Trump may have no control over whether her business partners provide paid leave, but she has complete control over the companies she chooses as partners.

The Trump family has the power and resources to effect change, but they chose not to bother until Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency. Now that votes are needed from the working-class, the Trump family is eager to convince them that nobody understands their plight more so than the billionaire-class Trumps.

Donald Trump sells himself as the champion of the working-class, but where has Trump been on workers’ rights for the past 50 years? He has been on the other side paying sub-minimum wages and cheating workers out of pay. CNN interviewed several small business owners who were driven out of business when Trump refused to pay for services rendered.

While revealing his Child Care Plan, Trump inaccurately stated that Hillary Clinton has no child care plan. Clinton’s Child Care Plan is on her website, along with her Paid Family and Medical Leave Plan. She calls for 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents. Leave will be financed through tax reforms requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. In contrast, Trump proposed just 6 weeks of paid leave for new mothers (not fathers) which would be funded by Unemployment Insurance.

Ivanka Trump repeated her father’s false claim on Fox News after their joint appearance, “There’s no policy on Hillary Clinton’s website pertaining to any of these issues, childcare, eldercare, or maternity leave or paternity leave for that matter. There’s no policy that’s been articulated on how to solve the problem.”

In an interview with Good Morning America the next day, Ivanka was confronted about the lies she and her father were spreading.  She responded by saying that Hillary has been in office for decades but there has been no progress on paid leave. Ivanka fails to realize that the only thing holding up paid leave is wealthy Republicans in Congress who consistently side with businesses over families.

Hillary Clinton has spent decades promoting child care policies to help the poor and working-class. As early as 1977, she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families to help working-class families. Bill Clinton signed the controversial Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure workers could take time off for personal reasons. As a Senator, Hillary Clinton repeatedly co-sponsored legislation requiring employers to provide paid leave to their employees.

Where Hillary Clinton has proven she is committed to helping working families, Donald Trump has a long history of cheating people, disrespecting women, and helping nobody but himself. His actions define him as a hypocrite concerned with helping others only when it directly benefits him. Candidates should be judged by their actions, not their rhetoric.


Photo credit: Associated Press

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