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How Did Hillary Clinton Handle Defeat at the 2008 Democratic National Convention?

The 2008 Democratic primary was a tight race that resulted in a virtual tie in popular votes between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Record voter turnout resulted in over 35 million votes cast.  Some sources showed Barack Obama with a slim lead in popular votes while others put Hillary Clinton ahead.  Because this was such a close race, it was an especially devastating loss for Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

During the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Hillary Clinton accepted defeat with dignity.  She asked for the roll call vote to be suspended and voiced her support for Barack Obama as the nominee of the Democratic Party.

The race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not close.  Clinton is ahead by 3 million popular votes going into the California and New Jersey primaries.  Despite Sanders’ promise of a contested convention that may get “messy,”  let’s hope that he follows Hillary Clinton’s example when he is forced to face the reality that his Presidential bid has officially come to an end.

View the C-Span video [2:07] and partial transcript below:

Hillary Clinton: “On behalf of the great state of New York, with appreciation for the spirit and dedication of all who are gathered here, with eyes firmly fixed on the future, in the spirit of unity with the goal of victory, with faith in our party and our country, let’s declare together in one voice, right here right now, that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our President.  I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules and suspend the further conduct of the roll call vote.  All votes cast by the delegates will be counted.  I move Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States.”

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