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High School Teacher Holds Sign at Clinton Rally: “Women Are Not Fit To Be President”

A protester at a Hillary Clinton rally in Salinas, California held a sign that read: “Women Are Not Fit To Be President. President=Man’s Job.” It didn’t take long for fellow anti-Hillary protesters to confront him and rip the sign from his hands.


Locals identified the protester as Ryan Sullivan.  He teaches AP Calculus at Salinas Union High School.  When pressed by reporters to explain his sign, he said it was just a joke.  Being sexist is not a joke.  Being a sexist high school teacher who influences young girls is not a joke.

This isn’t the first time he has expressed prejudice toward women.  Mr. Sullivan wrote his Master’s Thesis at California State University on the topic of the ‘Gender Gap in Math’ to find out if males outperform females due to biological differences. Would you want your daughter assigned to Mr. Sullivan’s High School Calculus class?

Update 1: Concerned citizens have been contacting Salinas Union High School to demand action.  Mr. Sullivan didn’t consider that being sexist publicly could cost him a job that provides salary and benefits of $98,582 annually.

Update 2: Community Defends Teacher:


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5 thoughts on “High School Teacher Holds Sign at Clinton Rally: “Women Are Not Fit To Be President”

  1. From lies come ignorance and the borders of ignorance is chaos. From truth comes knowledge and the borders of knowledge is understanding. True words spoken by a true man.

  2. In a lot of developing countries, half the scientists and engineers are women. Some are Islamic countries. The problem we have here, in the US, is sexism in the field, plain and simple. Mr. Sullivan is a great example of this sexism.

  3. Tearing up someone’s sign is childish and anti-Anerican. Debate and discussion is our way, not destruction of property.
    I may disagree with him, but he has every right to display his dumb opinions for the world to see.

    By the way, his masters thesis wasn’t sexist in the least. We should be open to an investigation of the biological influence on math abilities, even (and especially) if they correlate with gender differences. What a moronic thing for this “reporter” to say.

    1. I don’t think you actually understanding “moronic” since your comments deserve that adjective. Mr. Sullivan most definitely does not belong in a classroom when espousing such opinions – and if the sign is his concept of a joke? He certainly is moronic.

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