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Confirmed: Bernie Sanders Illegally used Campaign Funds for Overnight Trip to Italy

Presidential Campaign Finance Reports, which include receipts and disbursements for the month of April, have been in ’processing’ status since they were submitted to the FEC on 5/20.  Yesterday, the FEC made the detailed campaign finance reports available to the public.

The reports provide evidence that Bernie Sanders illegally used campaign funds for his overnight stay in Italy with 10 family members.  Lodging at the 5-star luxury Hotel Boscolo Exedra in Rome, Italy was billed to the campaign in the amount of $13,758.  Rooms at the luxury hotel start at $400 a night and go up to $8,000 a night.  Additional expenses include $883 for lodging and catering at Hotel Michelangelo in Rome.

On 4/8, Bernie Sanders announced he would travel to the Vatican on 4/15.  Private chartered flights must be paid in full before scheduled departure date.  On 4/11, the campaign disbursed $613,451 for chartered air travel.  This amount dwarfs all other Sanders’ campaign air charter travel expenses to date.

We can now confirm that Bernie Sanders illegally spent over a half million dollars in campaign funds on private air travel and luxury hotels for his non-campaign related trip to Italy.  To learn why this is an illegal use of campaign finances, see our previous article on this topic:

Did Bernie Sanders Illegally Use Campaign Funds to Take Family to Italy?

*6/4 Updated to include FEC Screenshots:


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24 thoughts on “Confirmed: Bernie Sanders Illegally used Campaign Funds for Overnight Trip to Italy

  1. Nothing illegal about it. I was so proud that my campaign dollars went for him to speak out globally at the Vatican about a moral economy that I donated more since.

    1. Actually, taking his family to Rome with campain contributions is illegal. Further, in April, he was hit with a 639 page report regarding his illegal campaign violations AND he was cited in March and February also. These violations are not the norm and none of the other candidates from 2015 to date have had similar issues.

  2. Did you notice there is no link to these mythical “reports”? The word reports is a link to an empty and generic FEC page. I also Googled and no one has any info about it except for this so-called “liberal” web site. It’s a “media alternative” for sure. It helps if you actually check things out.

    1. You should glance at the story again then. Updates done with screenshots from the FEC report are included. 🙂

    2. Go to and search on his name and there you will find all of the reports for this year, including the 639 page report chock-full of campaign finance violations that was issued last month! Happy researching!

    3. The FEC site uses randomly generated links that are only valid for brief periods of time to prevent hotlinking. Go to FEC.GOV, Candidate Search, Commitee Search, Committee Name “BERNIE 2016”, click on the committee, click “Filings”, then “RFAI – APRIL MONTHLY”.

  3. No wonder Bernie wants to stay in teh campaign. With Tad Devine getting the 800,000 a month payment, his friends and family all managing his campaign, will be hard going back to the measly senatorial salary.

  4. I’m sure trump and Hillary squander campaign funds way worse then this. Infact, it’s known they’ve both squandered over 10million.

    1. Isn’t Bernie supposed to be different and above all that? Seems he’s very much the same and goes against everything he tells his followers they need to believe in.

    2. Oh God, shut up you idiot. If Hillary had squandered campaign funds on a personal trip for her and her family, it would be frontpage news. Same with that blowhard, Trump. Quit making excuses for Bernie. He’s not the damn Messiah, and his hands aren’t clean. He took a personal, EXPENSIVE vacation, and took several family members, on his supporter’s dime.

    3. Actually, they have not been cited for any illegal campaign finance issues, however Bernie has been 4 times this year. Go to FEC.GOV and read the reports! We can always count on Bernie’s supporters not dealing with reality!

  5. My. My. My isn’t this something. I knew from the start that this man was a fraud. I can imagine his people who gave money is furious. I would be

    1. Bernie Sander supporters wont be mad they will justify it always by attacking others Hillary in particular, never seen so many hypnotized angry sheep in all my life!

    2. Actually, Venda, the fraud is Policade.
      It took about 10 seconds reading through this “media site” to see that what they are is a Hillary Propaganda site. A place for her paid trolls to feel welcome. And anyone who believes DINO Hillary is progressive, or Left wing, would have to be looking from the extreme view of the Tea Party. She is a liar and a Wall Street lapdog.

      1. Oh, please, everytime someone tells the unflattering truth about Bernie, you guys have to try and deflect and bring Hillary into it. Grow up and accept responsibility and stop trying to blame someone else for BS’s BS! OMG, he took your money, stalked the Pope and the Pope publicly distanced himself from Bernie by saying that it was not political, him speaking to Bernie when he was cornered AND any of you who think it was political need a psychiatrist! In a nutsbell, Bernie misused campaign contributions. Deal with it like an adult.

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