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CNN Political Analyst Angela Rye is our Hero for this Epic Takedown on the Topic of Bill Clinton’s Affairs

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked panelists for feedback on Donald Trump’s accusation that Hillary Clinton enabled her husband’s affairs.  While on the campaign trail in Oregon, Trump said: “She’s been the total enabler, she would go after these women and destroy their lives.  She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

Hillary Clinton declined to respond on the topic.  Instead she said, “I’m running my campaign.  I’m not running against him.  He is doing a fine job of doing that himself.”

Trump cheerleader, Kayleigh McEnany, wholeheartedly defended Trump’s baseless assertion.  At least 3 times during the 5-minute segment on CNN, McEnany said Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for demonizing the women who knowingly interfered in her marriage.  Anderson Cooper pointed out that there was no evidence that Hillary Clinton demonized any of the women.  Barry Bennett, Senior Trump Advisor, offered one example.  He said, Clinton referred to Monica Lewinsky as a (gasp!) “narcissistic loony tune.”

Political analyst, Angela Rye, spoke on behalf of all women who have been victims of infidelity.  In this epic takedown, nothing was left unsaid. View the video clip or see the partial transcript below.

Rye: I find it outrageous that human beings, let’s just be human for a second, how would you expect for a woman whose husband cheated on her to behave?  Do you really think this should be: “oh, but I’m a feminist, pro woman, I’m going to defend this woman who is saying my husband had sexual relations with her.”

You don’t even have to go to the Monica Lewinsky incident.  You can go to Beyonce’s Lemonade.  She is talking about infidelity for women all over the world who have experienced it.  They are the victims.  I don’t for the life of me understand how we got to this place where this woman who is running for President and did not cheat on her husband is all of a sudden the predator.  Is all of the sudden the person to blame.  You’re calling her an enabler.  You’re saying she should be ashamed of herself for criticizing this woman who cheated on and had an affair with her husband.

McEnany: You want to humanize this, but as a young woman are you comfortable with the fact that Hillary Clinton demonized women who accused her husband of sexual assault?  As a young woman you should be absolutely appalled by that.

Rye: Im so glad you’re telling me what I should be appalled by.

McEnany: I hope these 3 women are in a campaign commercial saying this is my story, this is how I was a victim of Hillary Clinton.

Rye: Kayleigh, you mean to tell me that if your boyfriend cheats on you, you’re not going to have anything bad to say about the woman he cheated with? Let’s be honest.

McEnany: If my boyfriend has a history of sexual assault accusations, I’m going to be the first to challenge him on that.

Rye: You didn’t answer the question…

McEnany: What I’m concerned with is the act of demonization by your candidate.

Rye: This is not my candidate.  I’m talking as a woman who has experienced infidelity.  I’m speaking as a woman who has seen it happen to other people I care about.  And I’m telling you- I have never been on the side of the person who is in the bed with the offender.

McEnany: Will you say it was wrong for Hillary Clinton to demonize these women?

Cooper: When you say she was demonizing these people, what evidence are you talking to?

McEnany: I’m talking about Juanita Broderick.

Copper: But that was never proven, right?

McEnany: It’s an accusation.

Rye: You’ve got to be careful with this slander, Counselor.


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One thought on “CNN Political Analyst Angela Rye is our Hero for this Epic Takedown on the Topic of Bill Clinton’s Affairs

  1. To Ms Rye :
    Clearly she does not know this . Rape is not , I repeat rape is not adultry . Rape is a crime . I was the victim of a rape 45 years ago and I can attest that tge damage down to a rape victim is long lasting . Ms Rye is perhaps one for the most insensitive peoples have ever seen on TV . I rank her ignorance as crude and offensive as anything Donald’s Trump said .

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