Calling All Trump Supporters, Unfriend Me Immediately

Whether you shout your support for Donald Trump from the mountain tops or keep plans to vote for him to yourself, our friendship however meaningful or distant it is, cannot continue. This isn't about respecting differences of opinions and moving on. I'm happy to debate my Republican friends on issues ranging from

CNN Political Analyst Angela Rye is our Hero for this Epic Takedown on the Topic of Bill Clinton’s Affairs

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked panelists for feedback on Donald Trump's accusation that Hillary Clinton enabled her husband's affairs.  While on the campaign trail in Oregon, Trump said: “She’s been the total enabler, she would go after these women and destroy their lives.  She was an unbelievably nasty,

Elizabeth Warren owes Hillary Clinton an Apology

In April, as it became more clear that Hillary Clinton was on the path to winning the Democratic nomination, her Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, told a Boston Globe reporter that "there is no question that there will be women" on the list of potential running mates Clinton considers.  The internet lit up with excitement as