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Calling All Trump Supporters, Unfriend Me Immediately

Whether you shout your support for Donald Trump from the mountain tops or keep plans to vote for him to yourself, our friendship however meaningful or distant it is, cannot continue. This isn’t about respecting differences of opinions and moving on. I’m happy to debate my Republican friends on issues ranging from economics to gun control. I’m happy to maintain friendships with those who espouse political views that differ from my own, but I have no room in my life for people who share the values of a man who abuses women, normalizes sexual assault, and celebrates events that hurt the poor and middle-class.

Donald Trump profits on cheating people

Donald Trump celebrated the housing crash that caused millions of Americans to lose their homes because it allowed him to profit on their pain.

Donald Trump entered into contracts with small businesses, but didn’t honor contract terms. He profited from cheating people and pushing small businesses into bankruptcy by not paying agreed upon amounts for completed work. Over 60 small businesses sued him. He spent more money bullying them with legal teams than he would have spent paying them for their services.

Donald Trump violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay overtime or minimum wage.

Donald Trump’s disrespect for women has been consistent for decades

Donald Trump consistently refers to women as dogs, pigs, slobs, and pieces of ass.

Donald Trump on breastfeeding: Trump called a lawyer “disgusting” because she requested a break from a 2011 deposition to pump breast milk.

Donald Trump called a former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy” for gaining a few pounds.

Donald Trump bragged that by purchasing pageants, he was given the privilege of violating the privacy of the contestants backstage as they were dressing. He said he was able to assess their naked bodies backstage, where no other men were allowed.

Donald Trump cheated on all of his wives. During divorce proceedings, Ivana Trump accused him of violently raping her. He cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples. In 1998, he cheated on Marla Maples with his current wife.

Months after marrying Melania, Donald Trump told NBC Today Show host, Billy Bush, that he tried to seduce a married woman, but failed. He went on to say that as a star, you can do anything to women without their consent: grab them by the p*ssy, kiss them, whatever you want.

Donald Trump told Howard Stern it was fine to refer to his own daughter Ivanka as a piece of ass.

Donald Trump rates women on scale of 1 to 10. He says it’s hard for a flat-chested woman to be a 10. Women who worked with Trump on The Apprentice said he promoted a culture of sexual harassment in the workplace. In meetings, he demeaned women by asking men to rate them and also asked, “Would you f*ck her? I would f*ck her.”

Donald Trump is currently in litigation for violently raping 12 and 13-year-old girls in front of witnesses who have provided statements to the court.

Donald Trump disrespects Veterans

Donald Trump puts down American Prisoners of War (POWs) like Senator John McCain who was captured and tortured in Vietnam. Trump says POWs aren’t heroes, he prefers people who weren’t captured.

Donald Trump, as a young man from a wealthy family, avoided serving in the military during the Vietnam war by obtaining five deferments. The final deferment was for bone spurs in his heel. The bone spurs didn’t prevent him from playing sports.

Donald Trump seeks revenge on people who challenge him, even his own family

Donald Trump admitted that out of spite, he cut off health insurance for his own baby nephew who desperately needed it to treat seizures and cerebral palsy.

Donald Trump harrasses reporters who write unflattering articles about him. He bragged about pouring wine down the back of reporter’s dress. He attacked Megyn Kelly in Twitter tirades for months. He mocked a disabled reporter.

Donald Trump said he would create super-PACs specifically to end the political careers of those who didn’t endorse him like Ted Kruz and John Kasich. He promised to allocate $30 million dollars in the effort to seek revenge against them.

In the latest Town Hall, Trump promised to follow in the footsteps of Hitler and Stalin. He threatened that he would put his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, in jail if he becomes President.

Donald Trump Helps Nobody But Himself

Donald Trump brags about his wealth, but there is no evidence that he has used it to help people in need or disadvantaged communities. In fact, he has no record of public service at all.

Conclusion: Donald Trump is a dangerous, vengeful man who attacks women for entertainment and crushes the middle-class for profit. We learn a lot about our friends during an election season. Your support of Donald Trump tells me all I need to know, to know that it’s time to end our friendship. Choosing friends who share simple core values like respecting women and helping the disadvantaged is important to me. If, as a Trump supporter, you are reading this as my friend on Facebook or other social media, please unfriend me if I haven’t already unfriended you.


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