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Bernie Sanders Has Chosen the Path of the Sore Loser

Now that the Democratic nomination is beyond reach, instead of promoting unity within the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders continues to wage war with the party he claims rigged the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Every time Sanders wins a primary, he celebrates the win as legitimate and well-deserved.  When he loses a primary, he insists the loss is due to unfair treatment and a system rigged against him.

In an interview with CNN over the weekend, he pointed out that hundreds of Super Delegates got behind Clinton before others even announced their candidacies.  He offered this as proof of her “anointment” by the Establishment.  Super Delegates are supposed to base their endorsement on their judgment, experience, and knowledge of the candidates.  It’s very telling that people in Congress who worked with both Clinton and Sanders overwhelmingly endorsed Clinton.  Sanders failed to mention that even if Super Delegates were eliminated, he would still be losing to Clinton by over 3 million popular votes.

If the Establishment prefers Hillary Clinton and the system is rigged in her favor, how did Obama defeat Clinton in 2008?  How can the system be rigged in Clinton’s favor when the system has never opened the door to the Presidency to a single woman?  For over 200 years, until Barack Obama’s Presidency, the door was open only to white men.  If anyone has a built-in advantage, it’s Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders would never admit that he had an advantage going into the race. Sore losers don’t see the big picture.  They see themselves as the center of the Universe.  Every action and reaction is taken personally.  They blame others for their losses and refuse to take personal responsibility.  They don’t go down without fighting like hell to take others down with them.

The closer Hillary Clinton gets to officially clinching the nomination, the more effort Bernie Sanders puts into destroying her credibility.  Sanders recently said that if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton become the nominees, Americans will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.  Sanders would rather see a Trump Presidency than to see an opponent succeed who more closely shares his vision for America.

Clinton isn’t the only target of Sanders’ sore loser tactics.  His most recent target is Florida Representative and DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  In the CNN interview, Sanders said if elected President, he would not re-appoint her as DNC Chairperson.  Yesterday, his campaign went a step further.  In an email to supporters, Sanders endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s opponent and asked supporters to make a small donation that would be split with her opponent’s campaign.

In response, Wasserman Schultz said, “I am so proud to serve the people of Florida’s 23rd district and I am confident that they know that I am an effective fighter and advocate on their behalf in Congress.  Even though Senator Sanders has endorsed my opponent, I remain, as I have been from the beginning, neutral in the presidential Democratic primary.”

It’s no surprise that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in the crosshairs of the Sanders’ campaign.  From the moment he announced his bid for the Presidency, Sanders started making unprecedented demands on the DNC.  When the Democratic Primary debate schedule was released, Sanders immediately accused Wasserman Schultz of manipulating the schedule to benefit Clinton.  When there was a data breach that allowed his campaign to download sensitive Clinton data, he blamed Wasserman Schultz and sued the DNC for temporarily blocking his data access.  When Democratic Primary rules weren’t updated to benefit him from state to state, he blamed the DNC and Wasserman Schultz.

As his campaign faces defeat, will Sanders continue his attempts to unseat Congressional Democrats he perceives to have slighted him?  There are two ways to accept defeat.  You can be a sore loser who blames others for your losses or you can hold your head high, congratulate your opponent, and accept defeat with dignity.  Bernie Sanders has chosen the path of the sore loser.

If you would like to donate to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s campaign, visit her website at the following link:

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57 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Has Chosen the Path of the Sore Loser

  1. I don’t get it he hates democrats but runs under the democratic ticket for purely selfish reasons then bNmoans, pointing fingers every step of the way. He should have ran as an Independent, because that’s what he is his campaign is nasty and mean spirited.

  2. Death to your dying corporate fascism system, that you pathetically try to protect with this propaganda “article”. Bernie or BUST!!!

  3. You need to a bit more research before posting. Super delegates do not vote until the convention. Neither candidate will have the delegates necessary before the convention, so it WILL be a CONTESTED convention. Hmm who as a Super delegate would I like to support, Clinto who is now behind Trump in recent polls or Bernie who is beating Trump by 15 points. Do the Democrats want to win or do they want to hand the presidency to Trump & the Republicans. A close run election that Clinton would lose or a comfortable election win by the Democrats for Bernie Sanders.
    I’m an Australian looking from the outside in. THE WORLD wants political change not just in America, where govt. is for the people not the top 1%.
    #Feel the Bern

    1. So your argument is that even though the voters picked Clinton, we should simply ignore the will of the voters in a democracy and allow the party officials to “select” the nominee who lost over the winner who was elected by the people? Makes sense.

      1. Yes he is a sore loser he and a angry bitter man,he has every right to stay in the race that’s what politicians do.He wants to when for the sake of winning,it’s about his ego now, he can’t get none of that bull shot pass without going through congress he knows this,policies stinks and it no sense,you Berniebots got it wrong.Hillary is giving him a run for his money, the last thing bernie or that bumbling trump wants is a woman running the go Hillary

    2. Depends on the poll there are polls that say she can beat him people pimping out poll #s like they are the gospel truth. Romney was ahead of President Obama in 2012 we know how that went..besides poll worshipers say that the month of May is not a good indicator of what can happen in November.

  4. He’s absolutely right. It’s been proven several times that the primaries and caucuses have been rigged in favor of Shillary.

    1. For real! He didn’t say it was rigged, it said it was stupid
      Politico, could you be any more biased? I, personally, think the system is both rigged and stupid.. Thanks to your kind of biased, false journalism.,

  5. The system should arithmetically be reflective of the popular vote. “Superdelegates” are an idea/concept that should be eliminated. Wasserman-Schultz appears to be anything but “Neutral” and does not deserve to win re-election.

  6. Death to the old, equally corrupt, parties. Out of the ashes a new party, a party for the people, will arise.

    1. And how many innocents will suffer for your “new party”? How many minorities would be thrown under the bus? How many hard-fought battles will be overturned while you’re waiting for your “new party”?
      You don’t seem to realize that any “new party” would be made up of the exact same people that made up the old party.
      The time to make the changes you seem to want is between the elections, not during them.
      Why are you so intent on sowing chaos during the current election cycle? And where the hell were YOU when changing things would have actually helped?

  7. Everything about this article is true. Bernie seems bound and determined to create a Nader-type fiasco. However, Debbie W-S is NOT objective, and unfortunately the upper echelon of the DNC has been coming across as some type of mean girl sorority. They should have been taking Sanders and his very vocal supporters seriously, and welcoming them, from day one. To not have done so is also a definition of hubris. Hopefully we all won’t have to suffer from it.

  8. This website is nothing but a Hillary shill, as are the super delegates, and Wasserman Schultz! Bernie bashing is an obvious ploy.

    1. So go stick with USUncut, or some fantastical projections of Bernie’s victory by H.A. Goodman or Seth Abramson…that’s where you’ll find your pro-Bernie articles. Are you suggesting it’s somehow fraudulant or unethical to have political opinions on a website?

    1. He’s what dems use to be…maybe you are not old enough to remember…she’s a mess with all her baggage and scandals. She cannot win!

  9. Hillary Clinton is the nominee. It is impossible for Bernie Sanders to become the nominee.

    The ONLY chance for progressive causes to even stand still where they are–let alone move forward–is for us all to unite behind Hillary Clinton.

    That’s it at this point. Sanders can only undermine Hillary at this point and help Donald Trump win the general election.

    He must drop out, give his concession speech, and come together with the rest of US in vigorous support of Madame President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  10. We in America have some serious problems with our voting and it looks like our system is RIGGED. It happened in 2000 when 9 people on the supreme court took the place of 150 million Americans and put George W Bush in the White house after he clearly lost the one man one vote voting process, then again in 2008 the election was put on favor of Barrack Obama because some sates in the caucus had voted early and all the votes that were voted were not counted and here we are in 2016 in Arizona 70% of the voting polls were closed for the caucus and then in Wyoming where Bernie Sanders clearly won by 54% and he walked away with 7 delegates and Hillary ended up with 11, how can this be fair?

    1. What a MORON.

      This is the same system that has always existed. Quit acting like the rules were changed to rig it against Bernie for 2016.

      Such a bunch of crybabies.

      1. Just because a system is the same doesn’t mean it’s right. Maybe people are whining more now as you put it put it but it doesn’t make the whine any less legitamite.

      2. Thats just it. Theyre always rigged one way or another. “Getting over it” and letting it continue isnt about to make sh*t better. Insanity is doing the same thing time and time again, all the while expecting different results. If we as a society keep sitting idly by, complacent and ignorant, the system will keep mercilessly *ssf*cking us. Sans lube.

    2. No one should be locked out of voting, but Hillary and anyone associated with her and the Democratic party had nothing to do with it.

      The fact is, Hillary has a lot more votes and elected delegates. Sanders has fared better in caucuses, which are far less representative than a full blown primary – where Hillary does well. In fact, she won subsequent primaries in states Sanders won in caucuses, she just didn’t get delegates for those wins.

      There is nothing rigged against Sanders in this process.

    3. Arizona is a deep red state. Hillary Clinton has no control over Arizona laws and procedures. In fact, she has joined Bernie Sanders in suing Arizona.

      But if you need a villain, blame progressives who couldn’t get their butts to the polls in 2010 and 2014. They allowed conservative law legislators and governors to be elected and voter suppression laws are a “gift” from those individuals.

      It is also worth noting that were problems in the states that Bernie won. In Michigan, for example, voters were turned away from polling places because they ran out of ballots. And this wasn’t the first presidential election where legitimate voters were turned away. But Michigan went for Bernie, so no one cares about voter suppression in that state,

    1. I was wondering the same thing.They claim to pride themselves as “alternative” and “to research stories to get to the truth”, yet the very first paragraph of this story is lie!

      1. Point proven by these comments: everyone and everything that does not state “Bernie sanders is the better candidate and should be the nominee” is corrupt, bought, a shill, rigged. Sad and patheric and clearly unable to deal with reality.

  11. Sheeple blindly following Hillary; the true republican. I’m with Bernie; the true independent fighting for the people AND the sheeple.

  12. It’s not over for Bernie, and he is right about the system being rigged. Furthermore, HRC is despised and will not win the presidency. By not supporting the only good option YOU are electing Trump not the Bernie supporters.

  13. A shameless bid to raise money for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s campaign. This is about a slanted as it gets.

  14. Dream on you bunch of Bern-o-bots your as unAmerican and as big as a sore loser as he is.
    Bunch of loser cry babies.

  15. Bernie promised his supporters to stay with this until the end. That is not being a “sore loser” by any means – it’s keeping a promise (something Clinton might try)

    1. Hahaha out of the probably 800 words in the article you focus on those two. With that sole premise in hand you ignore everything else. It’s not even amusing anymore, more bordering on pathetic delusion. SMH

    2. Exactly! He owes California the chance to vote. But the DNC wants him out since the election there is a dead heat. How can she justify winning if she doesn’t win CA?

  16. Socialism has many components of a religion. Bernie now calls it democratic socialism. But with his attitudes about a majority vote I’m not sure. He has not one concrete plan. Presidents are not dictators. They can’t single handedly close down GM. Even if they want to. And the money problem is not now as much in banks but in other financial instruments. He seems clueless on those. Vermont was just so much more fun until he got wind of the adults in the room. Minorities have the kind of communities that easily saw through this. Thank goodness.

      1. I have seen his plans and they depend on ‘someone’ changing tax laws, administrative regulations on Wall Street, national insurance regulations, etc. As it was said above, a President isn’t a dictator. He needs overwhelming Democratic wins in Congress to even get close to ANY of these major changes. Yet he refuses to campaign for any downstream Democrat, refuses to fund raise for down stream Democrats, in fact does nothing but attach Democrats for being … Worse than Republicans?

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