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Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton Racist, Yet Her Record on Civil Rights is Stronger

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to talk about the articles he wrote decades ago on the topic of rape fantasies and teen sexual repression.  In reference to the articles published in the Vermont Freeman, his campaign spokesperson said it was a “dumb attempt at satire… and in no way reflects his views on women.”  What Sanders said and did decades ago is not relevant to his campaign, but when it comes to Hillary Clinton, everything is fair game.

To sell the public on the fabricated “Clinton is a racist elitist who can’t be trusted” narrative, the Sanders campaign reached 20 years into the past to unearth a speech Hillary Clinton gave as First Lady in 1996 at Keene College.  Clinton spoke about making college more accessible and affordable, raising the minimum wage to help working families, and protecting children from crime, drugs, and alcohol.  On the topic of crime, Clinton spoke of drug cartels and gangs, which at that time were over 50% Hispanic:

We also have to have an organized effort against gangs, just as in a previous generation we had an organized effort against the mob. We need to take these people on, they are often connected to big drug cartels. They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kind of kids called “super-predators”- no conscious, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have got to bring them to heel… I believe it is now time for all of us to know what we can do individually to be part of this anti-crime, anti-gangs, anti-drug effort.

The word ‘super-predator’ was coined just two months prior to Clinton’s speech in an article written in the Weekly Standard by Princeton Professor John Dilulio.  He defined super-predators as violent black, white, Latino, and Asian youth.

Although, Clinton was not speaking about black youth in the speech, the Sanders campaign quickly put their own spin on it to manipulate the public.  In January 2016, at a campaign fundraiser in Charleston, a Bernie Sanders & supporter who had previously been photographed with Cornel West, interrupted Clinton to demand an apology for her use of the word ‘super-predator’ in the decades-old speech: “You called black people wholesale MLB jerseys super-predators.  You owe black people an apology.”

The incident at the Charleston fundraiser was the first of many efforts by the Sanders campaign to depict Clinton as racist.  In April, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in front Youth of a minority audience, Sanders again implied Artículo Clinton was racist.  Once more, at the CNN debate in Brooklyn, New York, Sanders accused Clinton of being racist for her one-time use of the word ‘super-predator’.

Sanders points to a sit-in he participated in over 50 years ago as evidence that he is a champion for Civil Rights.  It’s true that Sanders protested segregated housing at the University of Chicago in 1963, but in 35 years spent in public office since then, Bernie Sanders has not championed issues to bring justice and equal opportunities to minority communities.  Black leaders in Vermont say they were invisible to Bernie Sanders; he treated them with “benign neglect.”  During the 25 years he spent in Congress, why didn’t he prioritize issues that would have helped minorities in his home state?  Vermont, a state with a 95% white population, has the nation’s fifth highest incarceration rate of black people.  

Where Bernie Sanders has been a lifelong protestor, Hillary Clinton has been a lifelong leader.  She has dedicated her life to helping those who are disadvantaged.  In college, Clinton wrote her senior thesis on strategies employed by a well-known community organizer who advocated for black communities.  As a student, she volunteered to provide free legal advice to the poor.  In 1972, when Sanders was writing rape fantasies, Clinton at 24, was working with Civil Rights activist Marian Wright Edelman to expose racism in private Alabama schools.  She also worked in South Carolina to address the maltreatment of primarily black youth in the criminal justice system.  In 1977, she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children, a non-profit that overhauled Arkansas’s juvenile justice system and continues to champion issues important to low-income families today like universal pre-K.  

While serving as Senator of New York, Hillary Clinton introduced and co-sponsored legislation to end racial profiling, expand services including rehab programs to offenders, and to criminalize voter suppression.  She did not sponsor or support a single piece of racist legislation.  Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, co-sponsored a bill (HR 629) to dump Vermont’s nuclear waste on a powerless, Hispanic community in Texas with a per capita income of only $8,000.  Senator Paul Wellstone referred to it as “environmental racism.”  The Texas Observer reported that a few Sierra Blanca residents drove over 2,000 miles to Vermont to beg Senator Sanders to visit Sierra Blanca to meet the people who lived there.  Sanders refused, “My position is unchanged and you’re not going to like it.  I’m running for re-election in the state of Vermont (not Texas).”  

During the 2016 Presidential race, black leaders overwhelmingly endorsed Clinton, stating that cheap nba jerseys she has been there for them on issues that impact their communities, while Sanders has been absent.  In an MSNBC appearance, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said, “Hillary Clinton has been a true friend to the African-American community for 40 years.  Bernie Sanders as mayor, as a member of the House, as a member of the United States Senate, has been missing in action on issues that are important to African Americans.”

When Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) announced the Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorsement of Clinton, he said, wholesale MLB jerseys “when we needed someone to come to rally Democrats and especially African-Americans, Hillary has been there.  On issues important to our constituents, Hillary Clinton has been there.”

In a CNN interview, Rep. Meeks also pointed out that during the time he worked with Hillary Clinton, she had a very diverse staff: “If you look at the diversity she has had on her staffs — I don’t know if Bernie had color on his staff.  I’m talking about while he was a member of the House or a member of the Senate. Whereas, I can show you person after person in the Clinton administration. Whether it was in the White House as the first lady, or whether as the Senator from New York or whether secretary of state.”


During the 2008 and 2016 Presidential campaigns, Hillary Clinton led other candidates on staff diversity by double digits.  In July 2015, when the Clinton and Sanders campaigns reported diversity data to the Federal Election Commission, Hillary Clinton had 32% people of color on her staff and over 50% of positions were held by women.  In contrast, Bernie Sanders’ staff consisted of only 10% people of color.   In 1999, protestors staged a sit-in at Congressman Sanders’ Burlington office to protest his support of war, environmental racism, and the lack of a single person of color on his Congressional staff.

Bernie Sanders has gone too far in his quest for the White House.  To label an opponent a racist in order to win the “black vote” is reprehensible, especially considering Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime working on racial justice issues.  Sanders’ effort to cast Hillary Clinton as a racist elitist failed.  In the New York primary, Clinton won 75% of the African-American vote and 64% of the Latino vote.

Clinton continues to enjoy widespread support from communities of color while black leaders Trainerschulung continue to express doubt about Bernie Sanders.  South Carolina State Minority leader, Todd Rutherford said, “I’ve watched Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail and seen how he only really started talking about issues concerning African Americans in the past 40 days.  Secretary Clinton has talked about these same issues, and advocated for us, for the last 40 years.”

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  1. This is a “Satire Site”, correct? If not , then where is the quote of Sanders making this statement ?

  2. I grew up in DC. Do you know how hard it would be to not hire a black person in DC? You would have to make a concerted effort to not hire a black person. And he’s calling someone else racist? Please.

  3. Thank you for this! I’ve been wishing for this contrast and perspective!! Very well written and spot on TRUTH! Finally!!

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